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Paul and Pam Hunter are the real deal and their ministry is simply an extension of their lives.  It’s authentic and impacting.  It’s the kind of ministry that sneaks up on you and then before you know it, your life, your outlook, your attitude, your passions have all changed.  All to say that the ministry of Paul and Pam Hunter translates into genuine transformation of people.  I would entrust my own children to their care without reservation and that is about as strong of an endorsement as I could possibly give.

Brian Harrison

2016 Class

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When I made the decision to come to Uganda for One Step, I was very open to whatever God had planned and I didn’t have many expectations. But I did have hopes; hopes that these twelve weeks would challenge me,  grow me, and somehow maybe show me what God wanted for my life.

Hope for clarity, where He wanted me to be and what He wanted me to be doing. I wanted vision and a purpose. One Step was such much more than I hoped for and so much more than I even knew I needed.

I have discovered my vision and purpose.

But there was something bigger that God had to teach me: Identity.

Who am I? Where does my identity lie? I’ve learned much about myself over this course. How does God see me, who am I in Christ, and who He has made me be. I also learned the importance of identity and that knowing who I am is essential to successfully living out my purpose. The issue of identity and the way I see myself affects my view of many areas of life and realizing this has helped me in that first step to finding my purpose.

I’ve been equipped.

I’ve been empowered.

I’ve been activated.

I’ve been ruined and am ready for the next step!

Brenna Rae Vanderheiden

2017 Class