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2019 Schedule 30th Jun - 30th Aug

Where Are You Going?

Everyone ends up somewhere.  Only those with vision end up somewhere on purpose. This topic will explore the elements of vision necessary in helping you not only articulate where you are going with your life, but also help you know how to discover and pursue your dreams and visions.

Instructor: Paul D. Hunter

Relationships- Life’s Foundation

Life can be lived with disregard for the structure God gave it, but at the end of the day it will be a life filled with regret and disappointment. From the beginning, God created life to be filled with relationships.  It is why He created man in His own image and likeness.  It is why God gave family as the basis for life.  It is why life is meant to have the thread of togetherness woven through its fabric.  Jeremy and Bee3 have embraced this strategy of relationships and are amazing motivations in bringing relationships to life for others.

Instructor: Jeremy & Bee3 Byemanzi

Intercultural Communication

One Step is a venture into a three month period of living in community with others who are from various cultures.  Those ingrained backgrounds make for challenging relational dynamics.  Robert brings his expertise (he has a Master’s Degree from Wheaton College in Intercultural Studies) to this residential experience with vital and practical ways of building bridges between cultures.

Instructor: Robert Sityo

Five Capitals?

It is too easy to believe that successful living depends on material assets.  Consequently, an default system motivates many individuals to pursue financial capital.  In fact, when most people hear that word “capital” they think of money.  This course will expand a critical understanding of capital to five crucial areas of life; which will increase the likelihood of genuine successful living.

Instructor: Chris Davis Nsubuga-Mugga

Re-Imagine Church

Worship Harvest is a homegrown product that celebrated a young 11 year existence April 2, 2017.  Worship Harvest is better described as a movement that focuses on evangelism, dischipleship, and transformation.  One of their mission statements is “Church begins on Monday … Sunday is Garage Time!”  Moses Mukisa is the motivating force and vision caster for this movement which now has eight “Garage” locations throughout Uganda.  He is more than qualified to talk about church as an expression of a Kingdom movement.

Instructor: Moses Mukisa 

Fake ID or a God-given One?

This is where life begins.  A person’s identity, perceived or otherwise, will determine the direction their life takes.  Whether relationships, vocation, marriage & family, church … a persons identity will impact every dimension of life.  Moses will help you walk through the basics of identity in a way that will transform your life, your relationship with God and people, your destiny, and your future.

Instructor: Moses Mukisa

Who Are You?

Paul believes that God has an eternal purpose … one that existed before time and space.  That purpose is uncovered in the book of Ephesians as God’s purpose in having a family that  would be distinctively His.  Genesis reveals that sin resulted in man falling short of that purpose.  Not only does Paul help trace the steps to being who God intends you to be, but why you express your identity in the way you do as a result of the gifts of the Father expressed in Romans 12.

Instructor: Paul Hunter

Money & You

Money can be a pursuit, a god, or a tool that helps followers of Christ accomplish their God-given pursuit and expressing their purpose here on earth. This topic will provide more than a basic understanding of money as a tool essential to the building and expressing the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven.  This course promises to establish practical foundations for the use of money … give some, save some, spend some.

Instructor: Moses Mukisa

Caught In the Grip of Grace

The Grace of God prevents Christianity to qualify as a religion.  All religions of the world are founded on the pursuit and initiative of man to find a god.  God is the initiator in man’s relationship with him and grace is the supernatural dynamic that brings sinful man into a free relationship with a righteous God. Those who receive Him become the righteousness of God in Christ.  Grace does not give followers of Christ a free pass to sin, but rather builds the context in which sons & daughters of God have the potential to represent the Father accurately.  Prince will walk you through the biblical truth of Grace.

Instructor: Prince Mukisa