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UG: (+256) 782 498 360US: (+1) 971 832 4664

80 Mvule CrescentP.O Box 5214 Jinja

2019 Schedule 30th Sep- 05th Dec

 One Step Endeavors

-To provide a cross-cultural environment for discipleship training.

-To give exposure to the basic values of the Kingdom of God.

-To provide grounding in the essential areas of Identity, Vision, & Purpose.

-Utilize the nation of Uganda, otherwise referred to as the Pearl of Africa, for a cross-cultural environment for the course.

-Use residential living within the compound of the African head quarters of Next Generation Ministries.

-To provide quality instructors, coaches, and guides who will be Africans for the most part.

-Capitalize on the structure of relationships for the foundation for growth and ministry for the glory of God.

-To use the context of a cross cultural environment to mentor students in the word, works, and ways of God.


About Us

ONE STEP is a mentoring course being offered for those who want to be all in when it comes to living life based on the foundations stones of identity, purpose, and vision.
ONE STEP is sponsored by Next Generation Ministries and will be conducted in Uganda.
ONE STEP is looking for young adults who are serious about being mentored by some of the greatest leaders in Africa.
ONE STEP is committed to equipping their residents for the journey of life.
ONE STEP is looking for residents who will be choose to be passionate about living life with purpose … intentionally!
ONE STEP is committed to seeing their residents living life with greater impact and success than their mentors.
With a limited enrollment of 20, ONE STEP is currently offering $500 scholarships for the first three enrollees who register with their $50 non-refundable registration.
If you suspect that you, or someone you know, could benefit from a 10 week intercultural and African residential mentorship, read all of the pages on this website to investigate it may be a good fit.  If you think it will, please click on the the APPLY NOW button at in the menu at the top of this page and register for for the course that begins on September 18, 2017 and ends on December 8, 2017.  For any unanswered questions please feel free to email the directors, Prince & Kelci Mukisa, at



ONE STEP will incorporate the following elements in an effort to produce young adults of impact:


Residential training done in the context of community

A focus on relational mentoring

A blend of formal and informal instruction

An integration of instruction with practical application

An effort attempt in the Third World Nation of Uganda

  • Plan now to live in an intercultural community for 10 weeks to:








Paul & Pam

The Hunters were first exposed to Uganda in September 2001.  They moved to Jinja in 2005 and have been attempting to express the love of Jesus to the people of Uganda in general and the next generation in particular. They want to encourage, equip, empower, and release the next generation. Their focus is on identity (Who are you?), purpose (Why are you here?) and vision (Where are you going?).

Sylvia Suubo

Sylvia is a new associate of Next Generation Ministries. She has proven to be a critical asset to the team. She is gifted with organization and administration. She will be the glue that holds most of the parts together as she insures that everything runs smoothly for registration of enrollees of One Step and the day to day operation of the mentoring program.

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie is the second biological child of the Hunters.  She is married to Jethro Smith and they have four biological children. Stephanie is the Office Manager in the Oregon office of Next Generation Ministries in the United States. She will handle your registration from the United States and insure that the bookkeeper begins an account for you.

Bill Mukasa

Bill is one of the independent contractors that NGM hires for work related to media, such as design and video production.  He and his wife, Tina, are spiritual leaders at Worship Harvest Jinja.  Bill will insure that your experience during One Step is captured on video so that you will have a historical memory of your intercultural mentoring experience.

Esther Fortunate Mulungi
One Step Manager

Esther brings passion and experience to TEAM NGM. She will be effective in building the NGM operation called One Step. This course specializes in the discipleship of young men and women in the Residential, Inter-cultural, Mentoring Program.